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Charlotte & Co.

When you’re ill there’s no greater comfort than snuggling down with a lemsip and/or a hot water bottle while struggling through the mass of emails. So that’s what I did all of last week when I was too ill to waddle outside but not too poorly to not want to open the laptop.. While whinging on Twitter (natch) I was approached by the lovely Charlotte Semler-West.

After founding the hugely successful Myla back in 2000 she decided 5 years ago to found Charlotte & Co. And since she sent me such a beautiful pair of cotton flannel pyjamas to cheer me up and warm my cockles how could I not thank her by sharing her with all you lovely people?

Charlotte explained to me:

The Charlotte & Co. brand is about making beautiful clothes that you feel at home in.  When I left Myla I moved to the Cotswolds with my husband and young twins and a change of wardrobe was required!  So I started the label with luxe but comfortable nightwear but over the last few years the range has grown to encompass the fashion, coats, boots and even bedding. Put simply – I make things that I really like and clothes that I want to wear.  That means simple styles in luxurious natural fibers from cashmere and cotton to silk and sheepskin.

I’m absolutely delighted with my new PJs – I’m much warmer at night now and love the comfortable fit and cute butterfly print. They are £39 each, though with the code LUXE25 you can get 25% off. There is also 3 for 2 on a range of Christmas gifts so now’s a great time to check out the brand!

Posted: November 17th, 2011
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Strike a match

After a short stint discovering the joy of the Selfridges candle department a new obsession was born. (If you rarely venture to the lower ground floor, trust me, it’s worth a browse.)

I’ve always loved the whole pillar candle look and let’s be honest, birthday cake just isn’t the same without birthday candles, but that’s as far as my dalliance went.  But now, after Selfridges, and fanned by the flames of wintry circumstance, my obsession is at an all-time high.