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Gaga for Leather

I am absolutely delighted that in Lady Gaga’s new video for single ‘Born This Way’, directed by Nick Knight, one of her main outfits is an Obey My Demand lingerie set – a designer who none other than *yours truly* suggested when assisting the styling team! I’m so happy for Obey My Demand designer Leanne, who I interviewed for 1883 magazine (read the interview —-> here). To be fair though, who else but Gaga could rock leather undies?

If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out.  A crazy intro, classic Formichetti skull faces and Gaga in leather lingerie. What’s not to love?


Yesterday I had a later start to the day – thank god.

My day started with a rush to Charlie Le Mindu.  This was one hot ticket and I knew I couldn’t miss out.

Styled by the wonderful Anna Trevelyan (check out Anna’s blog for more looks from the show) and her right-hand man Tom Eerebout, with whom I’ve been lucky enough to do some work lately, the collection was made up of white lace, clear PVC, pearls, real human hair and spraypaint.  The soundtrack ended with squealing pigs and Charlie came out to take his bow in a butcher’s apron covered in blood.

Then I spent the afternoon at the Strand Palace Hotel for the Fashion Mavericks shows: Enya Patricia, Kiki Kamanu and Hamra Allam.  Write-ups will soon be on BLOWonline – I’ll post links!

Then it was to Vivienne Westwood Red Label show where outside I got chatting to Becky from Harrods magazine.  We shuffled into the Royal Courts of Justice quite late and ended up standing right next to the photographers – it was obviously quite oversubscribed this year as usually I get a seat!  Spotted at VW: Pete Burns, Boy George, Simon Le Bon.

It was the usual fantastical fare from Dame Viv: painted-on arched eyebrows, one-sided lipstick or all-over painted faces, wonky crowns, ponchos, plaid, stripey socks, pinstripe suits, rollers in the models’ hair and plenty of print.  How can you not adore this?  (Also, am super pleased that despite my camera dying, having an awful view and yet being so close I managed to get a fab shot of Dame Westwood and Eliza Cummings. J’adore the pair of them!)