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I Love You

This excites me greatly.

I fell in love (excuse the pun) with I Love You magazine last issue – the Princess issue, where they provided a history of Henry VIII’s wives alongside fashion portraits – modern women/models who might represent the wives – and a recipe for the best-looking (and I’m sure best-tasting!) wedding cake I’ve ever seen.  I’ll certainly be giving it a go when it comes to my wedding.  Plus, they’re based in Berlin, my former (and spiritual) home!

I think Paz de la Huerta is just great and I loved the interview they did with her.

And the new issue is out now…. On the cover is actress Leelee Sobieski, who I adore – if only for her role alongside Drew Barrymore in teen movie Never Been Kissed – cor 1999, what a year!  I’ll be honest, I don’t really know what LeeLee’s been up to since ’99, but I just love her face.  (Shallow, me…?!)

I LOVE YOU NO.6 LEELEE SOBIESKI from e-design+ communication gmbh on Vimeo.

This issue, the Mama issue, coincides nicely with Mother’s Day (Sunday).  Race yer to ArtWords…