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Queuing for Fashion

Last night I went to another rather lovely instalment of the Oh My Blog workshops run by Bitchbuzz Editor Cate Sevilla. It was a fab night and I learnt a lot but I’m feeling kind of bad this morning…

Once the actual workshop was done we all decamped to the pub (natch) and got chatting and networking. Then I realised that I had a deadline (midnight to be precise) for Company’s High Street Edit competition. They were asking for writers to enter the competition by writing a 750-800 word comment piece on ‘Queuing for Fashion’ and I had a few things left to tweak. So I pulled my laptop out and started editing.

I really hope I didn’t come across as a pretentious Mac-lover workaholic stressnut! Oh and while we’re on the topic: big shout out to helper #1 Siobhan (future sub-editor extraordinaire!) and helper #2 Joe from Stonehenge. I couldn’t have finished it without you guys. (And apologies for the glut of brackets littering this blog post……)

Here, the finished piece.