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Jewellery – Holly Wilcox

Holly Wilcox‘s jewellery really reminds me of both the sea and forest. The intricate detailing and seemingly whipped shapes are both fragile and striking. Holly gave me an insight into her beautiful works..

How did you get started in jewellery?

I’ve always enjoyed making things, but I realised my love for jewellery design at an afternoon workshop when I was 15. I made a ring from sterling silver (which I still have today!) and was hooked from the moment the solder ran…There’s nothing more satisfying than manipulating a piece of solid metal into a different form!

Your pieces remind me of the sea and woodland berries – are you interested in nature?

Yes – growing up in a costal village has given me a real interest in nature. I love photographing and drawing all the ihe interesting little details in plants, and picking up smoothed seaglass and stones from the beach. What I find most interesting about nature is the life cycle everything goes through, from teeny tiny buds starting to flower to the crinkled leaves falling from trees. Even the view of the countryside from my window back home is inspiring.

What else inspires you?

So many things! My everyday surroundings, whether it’s an interesting leaf found on the ground, to discovering a jeweller with gorgeous work I’ve never seen before. Meeting other artists and designers and hearing them talk passionately about their own work is inspiring too.

Which jewellers do you admire?

I absolutely love Ruth Tomlinson’s intricate work – my favourites are in her ‘Flora’ collection. The use of porcelain next to precious metal creates pieces so delicate and beautiful. I also admire Ruth Wood and love the organic qualities of her jewellery.

What’s the one piece of jewellery you never take off?

I constantly wear a little delicate gold ring, which was actually a bit of an experiement but turned out beautifullly and may well lead to the next collection…and I’m also currently enjoying wearing one of my own ‘Cluster’ bangles. I tend to go through phases with my favourite piece of the moment and wear it all the time till I change my mind to the next one!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

I would love nothing more than to still be designing and making jewellery and perhaps be running my own gallery filled with beautiful objects…watch this space!

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Can Rankin do no wrong? After celebrating 20 years of Dazed & Confused, Hunger, his new magazine is out now and the video-based site Hunger TV is too. Above, an interview from the site with illustrator/artist Quentin Jones.

Posted: November 17th, 2011
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Jewellery – Jane Gowans

Jane Gowans makes the kind of jewellery that doesn’t shout, but subtly seduces with its feminine architecture. I spoke to the Scottish-based emerging jeweller about her works.

Your Hands collection is really funny – how did you develop this collection?

This was my degree show work which was created in 2009. I was hugely inspired by European art jewellery and was keen to experiment with non-precious materials.

The concept developed from my fascination of people. I had observed that on the tube in London people would stand so close to one another that they would be touching and yet would never offer any verbal communication. I suppose these pieces highlight these contradictory behaviour and highlight the emotional aspects of touch, both positive and negative.

The Matchsticks collection is completely different to Hands – the pieces are delicate and often graphic – how did you get from Hands to Matchsticks?

These pieces were developed as part of a residency in 2010. I began again with non-precious materials including wood and enamel paint to create sculptural objects. These developed naturally into wearable precious metal accessories which I refined to create my current range.

What are your 2011 limited edition rings made of?

They are made from silver. Some are gold plated or oxidised and have  aselection of semi-precious stones including peridots, amethysts, citrines and topaz.

What made you decide to produce prints alongside the limited edition collection?

The prints are of my hand drawn designs. These originally inspired the collection. I am always keen to cross disciplines and utilise other skills that I have developed as a creative person.

They seem quite tower-like – what inspired you to pile the gem stone high like that?

I was inspired by my drawings – I wasn’t sure if it was possible but the unsual setting acted like stilts and meant I could position the stones of the rocky surface of the Bessie ring.

What’s next for you?

I am excited to release my new collection in February 2012 which will offer more precious metal luxury. With inspiration taken from unusual geology and the mystery of rock pools expect more stones and a collection of minimal but striking must-have pieces.

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The Young Creatives

If you want to know more about me and what I’ve been up to then you can now read all about ‘my fashion life’ on The Young Creatives.

Read my interview here

TYC is a new site for emerging creatives under 25 – so far they’ve showcased graphic designers, journalists, illustrators, street artists, designers..and so on.

The website was launched less than a month ago by Katie Byrne.  After bombarding her with my answers in a rather lengthy email (brevity has never been for me) I felt it only appropriate I find out more about her.  Turns out she is quite the freelance journo also.  Currently Features Editor at her uni paper ‘The Rabbit‘ (she’s in final year) she also finds the time to intern at The Lady and The Telegraph.  Previous work includes stints at the BBC, Woman and Home and some local papers.  You will find her writing for Running In Heels, Cellar Door and Amelia’s magazine, among others.  So it seems she is also one to watch…

Keep your eyes on The Young Creatives for the next generation of editors, designers and artists.