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Jewellery: Niza Huang

There’s something dark and beautiful about Niza Huang’s jewellery. Huang encases petroleum within textured gold or silver to add a layer of depth. The result is oddly reminiscent of antique lockets and yet wholeheartedly modern.

What and where did you study?
I did my Master degree in Metalwork & Jewellery design at Sheffield Hallam University. My first degree is in Industrial design, and I guess my jewellery works must get some influence from that too.

How did you come to design jewellery?
I adore the physical feel of jewellery. It tells a person’s personality, history, emotion and memories, and these elements make jewellery come alive. The process of making jewellery come to life by adding character and realizing an idea into a 3-D wearable sculpture attracts me deeply.

You are also an illustrator, how do you divide your time between jewellery and illustration?
Doing illustration is a kind of recollection of memory that allows me to discover something deep inside myself. It’s like a hobby and for my own memories. At the moment I am very focused on jewellery, so haven’t done illustration for a while. But in the future, I hope to find the balance and keep expressing in both ways, combining multi-media to create more interesting projects.

Tell me about your fascination with petroleum?
Petroleum is a very important resource for humanity and the Earth. Preserving petroleum inside jewellery allows this precious substance to pass from generation to generation. Also it makes jewellery more meaningful, powerful and treasured.

What’s the one piece of jewellery you never take off?
The body ring from my “ hello Puppet “ collection. This piece is meaningful to me. It’s connected to my past.

Where do you see the jewellery industry going?
People wear jewellery either for a fashion reason so that it matches their outfit, or for a sentimental reason that represents a memory or presents their character. In order to grow in the competitive jewellery industry, I think the piece must contain both elements.

Niza Huang jewellery starts at £200 and goes up to £395, available online here.