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Christmas pop-ups

Two pop-ups that I’m well excited about:

Miller Harris has opened a Xmas shop on Bruton St. There’s nothing better than the smells of Christmas – fig, cinnamon, orange…

They have lots of lovely pictures of their Christmas shop on their blog. Those candles in red boxes are irresistible.

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our new and exclusive Christmas store at 21 Bruton Street. From Saturday, November 3rd 2012


Plus Brit homeware brand Thornback & Peel has opened a pop-up furniture shop in Liberty. Their illustrations are really pretty – they’re quirky without being too twee. They have some beautiful gifts, such as a robin tea towel or a box of old school hankerchiefs printed with animal illustrations.


 Go forth and shop! I’m sure gonna.

Posted: November 13th, 2012
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A bureau for the boudoir

Moving into an unfurnished (rented) flat the best way to go about making it a home is with an eye for design and deep pockets. I like to think I have the former but I’m not quite there yet with the latter. Rather than hotfoot it down to Ikea to completely fill our period property with ugly flatpack furniture we have had to be crafty about how we furnish this place. Sure, we are waiting on a delivery of ikea drawers and a rug but we didn’t want to go completely soulless.

Instead, we’ve scoured Freecycle which I’m now a huge fan of. When the items are free there’s no harm paying the Addison Lee transit service £20 to get it home. We were also lucky enough to have been given some Billy bookcases by my parents and even Sasha which look great all lined up in our kitchen/living room – coincidentally they were the same wood.

But the thing I’m most pleased about is the fact that up the road at the bottom of Crouch Hill is Riley’s Emporium, a second hand furniture shop. Not everything in there is great – there’s certainly some pieces which have clearly already their day, but it’s great knowing that every time I walk past I might see that extra piece of furniture I’ve been keeping an eye out for. And that’s exactly what happened a week or two ago.

I decided I wanted something for my bedroom where I could stash all my cosmetics, do my make-up in the mornings and also set up my laptop and work. I didn’t want a dressing table as that would feel incongruous when working but I didn’t want a writing desk as I would feel the same way about applying make-up there. So I decided on a bureau. The folding lid which creates a desk is a perfect solution to days working from home and it also meant I could flap it up and stow away all my products.

Well imagine my delight when mother and I walked past Riley’s and she spotted this gorgeous specimen in the window! We bartered with who I can only assume to be Riley from £59 to £45 including delivery (although it’s only round the corner it really needed two burly professionals to lift it). And voila. It fits perfectly in the nook, holds all my make up, jewellery and stationery and is, quite simply, a beaut.

Next up – I’m looking for two armchairs for my bay window!

Posted: October 5th, 2011
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