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Chilly Gonzales Solo Piano II

Chilly Gonzales Solo Piano II album teaser

If you aren’t familiar with Chilly Gonzales let me get you up to speed:
Real name Jason Beck, the Canadian has lived and worked in Berlin and Paris predominantly and gained a following as a producer, working with Feist and Peaches. For those in the know, though, Gonzales or Chilly Gonzales is one of the most multi-talented musicians around. Classically trained, he flits between genres from rap and classical to power ballards and electronic dance. His self-deprecating satire makes his lyrics catchy as hell and his rap infectious.

When he released Solo Piano it’s well documented – mainly through his ramblings on stage at gigs – that the industry suddenly sat up and took notice, claiming they now understood him (and not in a good way). I never would have thought he would have released a follow up album but I’m mighty glad he did.

Genius past works – Take me to Broadway + This One Jam, sung with Feist live in London

Posted: May 24th, 2012
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