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My Illustrated Portrait

Hello friends.

Apologies for my ineptitude with daily blogging – my life seems to be more and more hectic with each week.

I just wanted to post a quickie to say that on Friday (almost a week ago I know, *slaps wrist*) I attended the launch of Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration – ACOFI for those in the know.  The book has been put together by lovely Amelia Gregory and the people at Amelia’s Magazine and I attended the launch to cover it for BLOWonline.  Check out the post here

If you fancy knowing more, check out Amelia’s review of the night here and Fashion ed Matt Bramford’s review here

While there, I had my illustration drawn by emerging illustrator Zarina Liew.  Zarina has illustrated for BLOW and celebrated blogger Kristin Knox aka The Clothes Whisperer so I was absolutely thrilled to have my portrait drawn by her.  She included my much-loved Lucy Hutchings necklace and my vintage broach.  What a star.