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Berlin: highlights 2

Considering I studied Kulturwissenschaften / Kunst (Culture/Art) in Berlin in 2008-9 I never actually came across the Berlinische Galerie. Similarly, I was not familiar with Dorothy Iannone (b. 1933). But upon reading an overview of her oeuvre and concerns I felt compelled to go check out the retrospective exhibit on her at BG, dragging S. in tow when we were there in March.

What I discovered was that she was unashamed about her depiction of female sexuality and her style is vividly graphic and colourful – an absolute feast for the eye. This is the kind of thing that’s right up my street.

She actually pasted fragments of stories within a lot of her mosaic-style paintings and even wrote an autobiographical narrative, albeit in 3rd person, about her meeting Dieter Roth, who she went on to leave her husband for (both the men were also artists). These she illustrated with graphic novel-style drawings on individual sheets. One (below) talks about how her art makes her immortal, which warms me.

In her later works she played with video, sound and life-size installation paintings and her style became more graphic, almost comic-book in style. But it’s the colour and pattern clash of her early works that I found so mesmerising. I highly recommend seeing them in the flesh.

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Sensing Spaces

I was lucky enough to get an invite to the private view of the Royal Academy of Art’s latest exhibit, Sensing Spaces. I cannot believe that after almost 8 years of living in London I’d actually never been inside the RA, despite walking past numerous times. It was bizarre exploring the gallery for the first time finding that there were structures in place hindering and inviting visitors to interact with the space in a new way when I wasn’t even au fait with the traditional way *slaps wrist*. Either way, this exhibit begs some interesting questions about how we interact with space, and the traditions of design, curation, interaction and architecture.

For starters we went to the top of the wooden structure by Pezo von Ellrichshausen and said hello to the angels on the ceiling.

Moving through the exhibition you really engage all senses (hence the exhibit title, duh) – from Kengo Kuma’s traditional Japanese bamboo scent/light scultpures that were altogether satisfying and soporific (below), to Li Xiaodong’s hide-and-seek labyrinth…

…and Diébédo Francis Kéré’s interactive structure (pic below) that boasts a fun colour sensitivity and invites visitors to contribute to its shape, which feels like a really innocent and childlike way to ask questions about architecture.

This exhibit is perfect date fodder. Go play!


Some of my fave bits from the Superstripe exhibition by Patternity @ 28 Redchurch Street, E2




AMAZING SET DESIGN BY LACEY20130413-011520.jpg

80’S POWER COSSIE20130413-011529.jpg

DECK CHAIR20130413-011537.jpg

For more info & the full schedule of events: GO HERE

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Settling in

I’ve been living in my new place since July but I still feel like I’m settling in. It’s gotten to the point now where I am desperate to make it homely. I despise any trace of the student aesthetic (as I did even when I was a student) and have decided it’s worth investing in beautiful things to feel at home. In my last place I bought a bureau, now I’m looking to frame some posters and pay attention to smaller details such as bedding, lighting and rugs.

Inspiration comes from the Selby (duh). Particularly designer Abigail Ahern‘s gorgeous London home. I love the way she layers rugs and rich plummy colours against a gothic backdrop of matte black.

I’ve also decided that I definitely need to display more of my pictures and postcards (if anyone knows of a great, cheap framer in London let me know!) and would love clusters of artwork a la Jennifer Earle & Mike Gabel‘s loo (also on the Selby).


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Frieda by Tatty D


Frieda Kahlo by Tatty Devine.

Funnily enough having lived in Bethnal Green for two years I never went up the part of Brick Lane where Tatty Devine have their store. It is a sweet little shop filled with jazzy treats. I really recommend you pop by – 236 Brick Lane, London, E2 7EB (and it’s just been reopened after a face lift – oo!)

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For the paranoid in you

Secret Stash from yiting cheng on Vimeo.

I love this.

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