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Working 9-5

Even feeling on the whole like a small fish in the big sea that is London, there are always moments when I feel that this is my city; I understand my style and I understand its style. But when I think of NYC, a place so fantastically foreign and out of reach to me that the doorway to it in my consciousness may well be topped off by a neon sign glowing ‘The American Dream’, it’s tiny kipper all the way. On top of that, New York girls are renowned for their slick togetherness, while I am bohemian in my mind, scruffy in reality.

So the chance to see what someone who works in the same building as Anna Wintour wears to work each day is one of those brilliant sadistic opportunities that makes me swear I’m going to stop biting my nails, drop a dress size and invest in more of the designers I love.

Yeah right.

Coo over Vogue USA’s Preetma Singh’s working wardrobe here

Posted: October 28th, 2011
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An education

BBC The Look Episode 1/6 Runway

BBC The Look – Material World

BBC The Look – Episode 3/6 Power of the Press

BBC The Look – Episode 4/6 – Uniform and Function

BBC The Look – Scenting the Money

BBC The look episode 6/6 Yves Saint Laurent

I’m currently enjoying an education in the the pre-digital fashion industry with this BBC4 series The Look. It feels like a whole other world, never mind another era.

Thanks to Michelle Bobb-Parris for leading me down the rabbit hole by posting episode 1 and a big thanks to Pssst for posting them to Vimeo in the first place.

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