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I’m really struggling to find a new bag.

This is not groundbreaking and not important. I feel vacuous even saying it. But I would quite like to know where I stand in the ‘bag market’.

I am not ‘fashion’ enough for a PS1, not Kings Road enough for an Anya Hindmarch and am repelled by ubiquity so that rules out Mulberry et al. So where to turn? And all without forking out an eye-watering amount (especially as I know that all of my handbags will inevitably be filled with crumbs and pens that have lost their lids, no matter how hard I try to keep things nice).

The above snap was surreptitiously taken in Selfridges when I realised that the Sandro bag sitting on the shelf is the closest thing I’ve seen to the right bag – discreet, roomy, leather.. maybe there’s hope yet?

Posted: April 20th, 2012
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Carmen Woods

I am totally obsessed with Carmen Woods’ clutch bags. They look like they’re that kind of super squishy, comfy clutch bag that you can just throw everything in and throw about on a night out. Having said that, there’s something about those vibrant colours, uninterrupted by boring functional zips – tassels are so much better – that is wholly glamorous and fun. That tangerine is sure to pep up any outfit; I’m really taken with the metallic and gorgeous ornate patterns too though..

Perhaps the best thing though is that Carmen has a shop in one of the towns next to my hometown in Essex. Home grown talent with an international twist (Carmen lived and worked in Ravenna, Italy) – it doesn’t get better than this.

From £29,

Posted: February 6th, 2012
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