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Lick the star

I just discovered Sofia Coppola’s directorial debut Lick the star (1998). 14 minutes of American high school plotting, bitching and backstabbing.. it’s fab.
Watch here:

Posted: January 1st, 2012
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Hip Hop

I adore this song – heard it on 6music and can’t get it out of my head. The video is uberhip. It makes me think…how funny is it that the whole 90’s hip hop look is so in vogue right now. It seems that either musicians like Friends are playing songs that sound indie but don’t look it – or music is harking back to the kind of tunes that back in the day I would have heard on MTV Bass. I read in the I newspaper yesterday that NME are just waiting for the next Libertines. Case in point – last night at The Hunger launch party Dels played live and afterwards the playlist included Gold Digger by Kayne West.

Posted: November 24th, 2011
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An education

BBC The Look Episode 1/6 Runway

BBC The Look – Material World

BBC The Look – Episode 3/6 Power of the Press

BBC The Look – Episode 4/6 – Uniform and Function

BBC The Look – Scenting the Money

BBC The look episode 6/6 Yves Saint Laurent

I’m currently enjoying an education in the the pre-digital fashion industry with this BBC4 series The Look. It feels like a whole other world, never mind another era.

Thanks to Michelle Bobb-Parris for leading me down the rabbit hole by posting episode 1 and a big thanks to Pssst for posting them to Vimeo in the first place.