Strike a match

After a short stint discovering the joy of the Selfridges candle department a new obsession was born. (If you rarely venture to the lower ground floor, trust me, it’s worth a browse.)

I’ve always loved the whole pillar candle look and let’s be honest, birthday cake just isn’t the same without birthday candles, but that’s as far as my dalliance went.  But now, after Selfridges, and fanned by the flames of wintry circumstance, my obsession is at an all-time high.

With Christmas over and a new year looming I thought I’d share the candles I’m burning at home at the moment, because I seem to have amassed quite a collection.  Plus there’s nothing like curling up at 4.30pm in the pitch black with a scented candle.  It’s the only thing that’s going to get my through to Spring..

True Grace Christmas

It seems a bit wrong manufacturing Christmas smell into a candle.. but seriously, this one is gorgeous.  True Grace’s Christmas candle comes in a special red glass and infuses orange, vanilla, and clove.  Yum!  Stocked by Selfridges, True Grace also popped up at a Wiltshire Christmas fair I happened to be attending (they are a Wiltshire-based brand) and I couldn’t resist…

True Grace Amber

If you’re on to a good thing… Truth be told I couldn’t choose between Amber and Christmas so I decided to have both when I found them in Wiltshire!  Naughty I know.  But I think this may be one of my favourite scents ever.

Archipelago Côte du Rhône

I’m not going to pretend I’m an expert on these matters but the scent of Côte du Rhône is just gorgeous: Black Currant, Mulberry and Vetiver, it’s a heady mix of berries that evokes the wines of the region after which this candle takes its name. Powerful yet feminine, fruity without being too sunny, it’s definitely a womanly and wintry fragrance.

Archipelago Havana

Havana on the other hand is quite masculine.  Bergamot, Cuban Tobacco Leaf and Ylang-Ylang make this more subtle yet somehow more powerful and addictive than Côte du Rhône.  Again, another case of not being able to choose (I feel a pattern emerging…), the cool, masculine alternative scent vs the womanly, sexy one pretty much sums up my perennial inner conflict between the traditional and the alternative.  But that’s another post for another day.

IW Natural Candles Sweet Roasted Chesnut

This little gem was in my goodie bag after Elizabeth Emanuel’s ‘Art of Being’ comeback show during Fashion Week SS11.  It’s only mini but we’ve popped it in our long narrow hallway – mainly because we had a powercut and needed some light! – but I actually quite like it there.  It’s sweet and festive and packs just enough punch to lightly fragrance the stomping ground between living room and bedroom.

Volupsa Truffle White Cocoa

I’ve got a soft spot for white chocolate and for beautiful design and this travel candle by Voluspa ties in both quite nicely.  Of course, all the Voluspa candles are stunning – the tins all have this kind of art nouveau/deco design while their pillar candles are encased in tall jars with lids that remind me of German tankards (see here).  While not all of their fragrances are quite so spot-on (some are a bit too saccharine for my taste), the price is right (my little travel candle was £7.95).

Oh and if you’re not into scented candles, I received some beautiful White Company tealight holders this Christmas which now have pride of place on my dining table.  Unfortunately they’ve now gone into the sale and sold out (dontcha just hate it when that happens?) but for very similar ones check out these larger solid glass candle holders. (Click on the picture to be forwarded to their website).