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Congrats to all the amazing menswear designers I’ve had the privilege of working with

Michael van Der Ham

I love love love my new Michael van der Ham top.



Posted: April 3rd, 2012
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Carmen Woods

I am totally obsessed with Carmen Woods’ clutch bags. They look like they’re that kind of super squishy, comfy clutch bag that you can just throw everything in and throw about on a night out. Having said that, there’s something about those vibrant colours, uninterrupted by boring functional zips – tassels are so much better – that is wholly glamorous and fun. That tangerine is sure to pep up any outfit; I’m really taken with the metallic and gorgeous ornate patterns too though..

Perhaps the best thing though is that Carmen has a shop in one of the towns next to my hometown in Essex. Home grown talent with an international twist (Carmen lived and worked in Ravenna, Italy) – it doesn’t get better than this.

From £29,

Posted: February 6th, 2012
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Jewellery – Holly Wilcox

Holly Wilcox‘s jewellery really reminds me of both the sea and forest. The intricate detailing and seemingly whipped shapes are both fragile and striking. Holly gave me an insight into her beautiful works..

How did you get started in jewellery?

I’ve always enjoyed making things, but I realised my love for jewellery design at an afternoon workshop when I was 15. I made a ring from sterling silver (which I still have today!) and was hooked from the moment the solder ran…There’s nothing more satisfying than manipulating a piece of solid metal into a different form!

Your pieces remind me of the sea and woodland berries – are you interested in nature?

Yes – growing up in a costal village has given me a real interest in nature. I love photographing and drawing all the ihe interesting little details in plants, and picking up smoothed seaglass and stones from the beach. What I find most interesting about nature is the life cycle everything goes through, from teeny tiny buds starting to flower to the crinkled leaves falling from trees. Even the view of the countryside from my window back home is inspiring.

What else inspires you?

So many things! My everyday surroundings, whether it’s an interesting leaf found on the ground, to discovering a jeweller with gorgeous work I’ve never seen before. Meeting other artists and designers and hearing them talk passionately about their own work is inspiring too.

Which jewellers do you admire?

I absolutely love Ruth Tomlinson’s intricate work – my favourites are in her ‘Flora’ collection. The use of porcelain next to precious metal creates pieces so delicate and beautiful. I also admire Ruth Wood and love the organic qualities of her jewellery.

What’s the one piece of jewellery you never take off?

I constantly wear a little delicate gold ring, which was actually a bit of an experiement but turned out beautifullly and may well lead to the next collection…and I’m also currently enjoying wearing one of my own ‘Cluster’ bangles. I tend to go through phases with my favourite piece of the moment and wear it all the time till I change my mind to the next one!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

I would love nothing more than to still be designing and making jewellery and perhaps be running my own gallery filled with beautiful objects…watch this space!

Posted: December 1st, 2011
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MEN – part 2

Welcome to my favourite London Fashion Week menswear shows (23.02.11)







Now to start convincing my boyf he can play dress up in some of these styles

And then I can borrow every piece…

The Menswear Shows AW11 part 1

I know I’m a bit behind on this what with the Milan RTW menswear shows taking place in January and it now being March but I’ve been a very busy girl… Somehow this evening seems the perfect moment to remedy this though.  Aside from the fact that Zoolander was on the telly tonight..

Nothing says Roberto Cavalli like a snakeskin suit…

…I’ve been chatting with a (male) friend of mine on Twitter and between us we decided that Greek model/god Paraskevas Boubourakas is THE ultimate manly man that all men aspire to be.

With this in mind, I’ve been looking over some of the images from the shows he walked in and I think I’ve had a two-part epiphany.  While I thought I was quite indifferent, I’m coming to realise I’m actually quite passionate about menswear.  (And weirdly enough this realisation is influencing my taste in womenswear.)

The second part is that my wardrobe needs to embrace the ’70s.  You see, I’ve always been infatuated with all things ’70s – I’m having complex emotions about the SS11 ’70s trend.  On the one hand I’m thrilled that what I love is in fashion, but horrified that the industry will do it to death and I’ll never want to see another flared jean or paisley print for as long as I live –  but I’ve never really bought into it and worn it in a literal way.

Nonetheless, as I’ve looked through the menswear shows from Milan I’ve discovered that I’m viscerally drawn to the ’70s looks.  Perhaps it’s something to do with the models being men rather than women – their broad shoulders are just crying out for a polo neck and a blazer – that this look is so successful and resists bordering on fancy dress.  (It’s here that I wish I could in fact be a man so I could wear these looks with such nonchalance.)  Or perhaps it’s one of those instances where, because these are men, it’s easier for me to look at these garments as abstract artworks to be gazed upon rather than worn – just like I would gaze upon a gloriously patterned Matisse painting.

Either way, I think it’s time to buy into more corduroy, velvet and pattern.

Here are some of the best looks from my favourite shows:




Coming up in the next part – my favourite looks from the London Fashion Week menswear shows.  Stay tuned.