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Fourth & Main

It’s no longer enough to simply make beautiful things. To get people on board with a design concept, you must also woo them with a lifestyle concept. No one understands this better, it seems, than James Wright who has taken on the modern, though nonetheless daunting, task of launching a journal alongside Nikhil Adwalpalkar’s clothing line, both titled Fourth & Main.

He explained to me that the nascent company functions symbiotically – the sales of the newly formed menswear line feed the production costs of the magazine (we all know print ain’t cheap..) which in turn informs the clothing. And round and round it goes. “To those ends,” James explains, “it really has been a labour of love, with every contributor having donated their time, effort and skill for no fee.”

The 125-page publication, a bi-annual print platform for the best emerging young talent across the worlds of art, film, music, writing and photography, will also have an online presence with the launch of the Fourth & Main website [launching imminently]. As for content? James says it better than I could:

“We hope the Journal provides a bridge of content and design: unique and original youth-driven content, aligned with a return to old-fashioned values of form and presentation. Undiluted and free of advertising, the design is stripped-back, elegant and clean, mirroring the simplicity of the clothing.. In the first issue, we cover a range of topics as diverse as talking with the rising star of Captain America – Hayley Atwell, to profiling the work of dynamic young photographic movement Fourteen-Nineteen to assessing the escalating situation of Mexico’s drug wars.”

From March you can get your mitts on the print magazine at such institutions as The ICA, Opening Ceremony NY, The BFI, The Barbican, Colette, Paris, The Tate Modern, Tate Britain, The Proud Gallery, The Royal Court, The Museum of Modern Art, NYC, Soho House group and many more. If you can’t wait ’til March though, order your copy – for free – from fourteen nighteen and while you’re waiting for it to arrive in the post, you can watch Hayley Atwell for Fourth & Main right here:

Fourth & Main on Vimeo.


Tonight is the PV for SHOP magazine’s exhibition at Kemistry of magazine cover illustrations from the past year. Designed in collaboration between Studio8 Design and the commissioned illustrators, these 77 covers each represent a European city and its fashion identity. The prints are available to buy with proceeds going to Kids Company, the London-based charity run by Camila Batmanghelidjh. The charity supports vulnerable inner-city children in London. The exhibition is on until 26th November. Get down there.

43 Charlotte Road, Shoreditch EC2A 3PD

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Matchbook magazine

If you haven’t already seen it I suggest you all go and check out Matchbook magazine, and not just because I’ve styled the main fashion shoot for the September issue…

The online mag, based in San Francisco, celebrates everything a bit cute, a bit kitsch and a bit twee. It’s totally unpretentious and will make you smile if you’re into life’s little luxuries, simple pleasures and a hearty dose of nostalgia. Their take on life really reminds me of Briony’s blog A Girl, A Style – those two online publications are most definitely kindred spirits..

Well, anyway take a look and let me know what you think of the A/W shoot I did with the lovely Erin Barry!

I Love You

This excites me greatly.

I fell in love (excuse the pun) with I Love You magazine last issue – the Princess issue, where they provided a history of Henry VIII’s wives alongside fashion portraits – modern women/models who might represent the wives – and a recipe for the best-looking (and I’m sure best-tasting!) wedding cake I’ve ever seen.  I’ll certainly be giving it a go when it comes to my wedding.  Plus, they’re based in Berlin, my former (and spiritual) home!

I think Paz de la Huerta is just great and I loved the interview they did with her.

And the new issue is out now…. On the cover is actress Leelee Sobieski, who I adore – if only for her role alongside Drew Barrymore in teen movie Never Been Kissed – cor 1999, what a year!  I’ll be honest, I don’t really know what LeeLee’s been up to since ’99, but I just love her face.  (Shallow, me…?!)

I LOVE YOU NO.6 LEELEE SOBIESKI from e-design+ communication gmbh on Vimeo.

This issue, the Mama issue, coincides nicely with Mother’s Day (Sunday).  Race yer to ArtWords…