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Edward Herrmann

Here’s what I love about the movie world.

Edward Herrmann is Max, the head vamp in The Lost Boys (1987)

is Grant Stayton III in Overboard (1987) with the fab Goldie Hawn

and Grandpa aka Richard Gilmore in Gilmore Girls (2000-7)


Going South part 1

As a UCL grad, gravitating towards the north of London has been only natural but I can’t help but notice the attention south London’s been garnering of late, particularly the up-and-coming areas of Peckham and New Cross. So in the spirit of trying something new, I’m packing my passport and heading south of the river to check out what it’s got to offer in terms of bars/restaurants/fun times – starting with Rooftop Cinema’s new outpost at the Bussey Building in Peckham Rye.

A stone’s throw from the station, you can’t help but fall in love with the view of London’s skyline.

We went to see Lost Boys, a total classic vamp film complete with 80’s fashion & amazing layered scenes of homoerotic initiations.

What I love about this outdoor cinema experience is that the movie starts as the sun sets (alleviating any issues with light vs the projector) and Gerry & the Rooftop Cinema gang provide slankets to ward against the chill. Sitting in the striped deckchairs with your own headphones on ensures you’re totally undisturbed by people going to the street food stands/the bar/the loos. Winning.

Check out their programme of events at – they also show films at Queen of Hoxton, Netil House and Kensington Roof Gardens.


Saw Star Trek last night.


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It feels like now Fashion Month is over everyone just wants to go on holiday. Not to sound like martyrs, but we do need some serious beach time! I am really craving the feeling of the sun on my skin. So it’s apt timing that Spring Breakers is out..

Tash & I are off to the ICA for Ultra Culture‘s screening of the movie + keg party later this month. Can’t wait to let loose Harmony Korine style.

Should the movie start me thinking about bikini season, I might have to go invest in this tank top by Harmony x Agnès b, (available in stores early April).

Doesn’t it look so cute with little denim cut-offs! Get me to the beach!

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Totally Minnie

The news that London designers are creating Minnie Mouse inspired garments in time for LFW reminded me how great this 1988 Disney special was back in the day. I was only a baby really but it takes me back to my childhood seeing it again.

Unfortunately it’s in lots of parts but watch below…

I always wanted to go to the Minnie Mouse Centre for the Totally Unhip. I love that at the end of the special Minnie and Elton John sing together – bit weird a gay guy and an animated mouse flirt-singing but brills anyway. Janet Jackson’s Nasty and the Disney montage in part 7 is a particular fave also.

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and then it was gone

Here’s the film I styled for The Good Fashion Show shot by Claire Pepper

and then it was gone from Claire Pepper on Vimeo.

The Good Fashion Show

A little while ago Claire Pepper asked me if I wanted to do the fashion for a video she was putting together for ethical London Fashion Week project, The Good Fashion Show. It launches on Saturday 18th February… here is a teaser.

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Lick the star

I just discovered Sofia Coppola’s directorial debut Lick the star (1998). 14 minutes of American high school plotting, bitching and backstabbing.. it’s fab.
Watch here:

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Meet Me in St. Louis

A couple of weeks ago I went to go see a press viewing of Meet Me in St. Louis with one of my oldest friends S. The BFI are re-releasing Vincent Minnelli’s most well-known film on 16th December and it’s one of those classics that I saw in S’s loft when we were about 11. S has always been a big Judy Garland fan and she told me lots of fascinating bits and pieces after we watched the movie, over a decade after we last saw it together.

I thought, since the movie is so Christmas-sy – with Garland singing ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ [see vid below], I best relay a couple of these fascinating titbits here…

It was during the filming of Meet Me in St Louis, aged 21, that Garland had a breakdown. The studio had prescribed her sleeping pills, as well as pills to wake her up so they could get lots of movies out of her. At this point she had already been at MGM quite a while and had developed a full-blown addiction. Apparently Minnelli was pushed into marrying her after they begun a love affair as she was so vulnerable.

During the trolley song the sound of a guy in the background saying ‘hiya Judy!’ is audible. Apparently, this take was actually a dress rehearsal but it turned out to be better than the actual, ‘real deal’ take so they disregarded this randomer’s shout-out to Garland and included this version in the end cut. You can still hear it in the film now.

Here Esther Smith (Judy Garland) sings ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ to her sister Tootie. (Margaret O’Brien).

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Can Rankin do no wrong? After celebrating 20 years of Dazed & Confused, Hunger, his new magazine is out now and the video-based site Hunger TV is too. Above, an interview from the site with illustrator/artist Quentin Jones.

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