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Chilly Gonzales Solo Piano II

Chilly Gonzales Solo Piano II album teaser

If you aren’t familiar with Chilly Gonzales let me get you up to speed:
Real name Jason Beck, the Canadian has lived and worked in Berlin and Paris predominantly and gained a following as a producer, working with Feist and Peaches. For those in the know, though, Gonzales or Chilly Gonzales is one of the most multi-talented musicians around. Classically trained, he flits between genres from rap and classical to power ballards and electronic dance. His self-deprecating satire makes his lyrics catchy as hell and his rap infectious.

When he released Solo Piano it’s well documented – mainly through his ramblings on stage at gigs – that the industry suddenly sat up and took notice, claiming they now understood him (and not in a good way). I never would have thought he would have released a follow up album but I’m mighty glad he did.

Genius past works – Take me to Broadway + This One Jam, sung with Feist live in London

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Beauty Regime: Kiehl’s Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant

One of my hero beauty products that I’ve taken to using every morning as part of my regime was in fact an impulse purchase one weekend in Space N.K.  Kiehl’s Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant With Orange, Lemon and Linseed Extracts (£11.50) may not have a catchy name, but it certainly lives up to it – it is superbly efficient. Rather than using an unctuous roll-on or a drying anti-perspirant spray, Kiehl’s have developed a soothing unscented cream that I’m a little bit in love with.

Perhaps it’s down to British Vogue’s recent article on taking care of your armpits or perhaps it was simply curiosity at seeing the product on the shelf, but I’ve found that using a moisturising cream makes me feel that I’m taking better care of an oft overlooked area and that I’m, well, more odour-free. There’s no going back now.

Kiehl’s Anti-Perspirant Cream pictured above with my sunglasses, a vintage find at the Naschmarkt in Vienna and my current read, Herman Hesse’s Steppenwolf