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Tonight is the PV for SHOP magazine’s exhibition at Kemistry of magazine cover illustrations from the past year. Designed in collaboration between Studio8 Design and the commissioned illustrators, these 77 covers each represent a European city and its fashion identity. The prints are available to buy with proceeds going to Kids Company, the London-based charity run by Camila Batmanghelidjh. The charity supports vulnerable inner-city children in London. The exhibition is on until 26th November. Get down there.

43 Charlotte Road, Shoreditch EC2A 3PD

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Hip Hop

I adore this song – heard it on 6music and can’t get it out of my head. The video is uberhip. It makes me think…how funny is it that the whole 90’s hip hop look is so in vogue right now. It seems that either musicians like Friends are playing songs that sound indie but don’t look it – or music is harking back to the kind of tunes that back in the day I would have heard on MTV Bass. I read in the I newspaper yesterday that NME are just waiting for the next Libertines. Case in point – last night at The Hunger launch party Dels played live and afterwards the playlist included Gold Digger by Kayne West.

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Christmas Wednesdays

This year Columbia Road is again hosting its ‘Christmas Wednesdays’. The shops at the beloved Columbia Road market are usually only open at the precious weekends, but in the run up to Christmas they open their doors every Wednesday evening (well, everyone’s out to make a bit of extra cash to see them through the long month of January, right?)

Cynicism aside, this is a romantic setting, a great non-high street place to look for quirky presents and will undoubtedly be filled with brilliant street music, droves of cool kids and mince pies galore. I’ll be there to celebrate my birthday on 30th with some festive shopping. Wrap up warm, it’s gonna be a good’un.

Opening times will be 5-9pm on Wednesday 30th November and the 7th, 14th, 21st of December.

Shops open on Christmas Wednesdays include:

Angela Flanders
Ben Southgate
Beyond Fabrics
Bob & Blossom
Columbia Road Gallery
Delicious Home
Idonia Van Der Bijl
Jessie Chorley and Buddug
Jones Dairy
Kay Symons Leather Goods
Keeping House
Lee’s Seafood
Lily Vanilli
Marcos and Trump
Nelly Duff
Nelsons Head
Open House
Our House Gallery
Queenie and Ted
Stoned and Plastered
Suck and Chew
The Future Mapping Company
The Powder Room
The Red Mud Hut
The Royal Oak
Two Columbia Road


Today Accessorize have got 25% off with code ACCNOV25%AF - perfect timing as I’m starting to think about Xmas presents..

Here are some of my faves …

Angel Wing Short Drop Earrings, £7, £5.25 with discount

Beijing Chain Chandelier Earrings, £9, £6.75 with discount

Belly Dancer Tassel Earrings, £12, £9 with discount

Catwalk Star Earrings, £7, £5.25 with discount

Dipped Tassel Chain Earrings, £8, £6 with discount

Christmas Tree Earrings, £4, £3 with discount

[I'm sorry but I have to have those Christmas earrings for myself..!]

Go forth and shop!

*Terms and conditions for voucher: Offer excludes purchases of sale product, Monsoon Childrenswear and Home Delivery items. Children’s Footwear & Accessories included.

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Happy Weekend


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After a hugely successful Pfeffer PR press day getting tipsy on a specially-made cocktail [I had the Body Editions cocktail I seem to recall - an Hourglass: Vodka + pear juice with a hint of fragrant rosemary and a twist of lime! Delish] I got chatting to PR Emma, Andrea Pfeffer’s right-hand girl. We got talking about fitness and I mentioned how great it’s been working with Dean Callis. Well, one thing lead to another and before I knew it Emma was booking me in for a trial session at Frame in Shoreditch. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you soon will – of all the gyms and fitness studios in London this has got to be the hippest one.

Alongside dance, yoga, pilates and Bend It Like Barbie classes (love the sound of that one!) they have developed the Frame signature classes. I had a go at Frame Method, the latest of the three signature classes. Combining the best bits from cult classes in NY and LA like Physique 57, Core Fusion and Bar Method, this class encompasses pilates, yoga and general fitness. It’s a non-impact workout with an upbeat soundtrack; this was more about strengthening muscle groups through squeezes, lunges and lifts than getting out of breath. The worst/best was holding the pilates ball between upper thighs and then, using the barre for support, squatting on tiptoes. Ouch! I definitely felt that for the next couple of days.

This is a fast-paced, upbeat class – the hour whizzes by because of the variety of exercises. Although some of the moves are tricky, no one said that looking good was going to be easy.

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Can Rankin do no wrong? After celebrating 20 years of Dazed & Confused, Hunger, his new magazine is out now and the video-based site Hunger TV is too. Above, an interview from the site with illustrator/artist Quentin Jones.

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Charlotte & Co.

When you’re ill there’s no greater comfort than snuggling down with a lemsip and/or a hot water bottle while struggling through the mass of emails. So that’s what I did all of last week when I was too ill to waddle outside but not too poorly to not want to open the laptop.. While whinging on Twitter (natch) I was approached by the lovely Charlotte Semler-West.

After founding the hugely successful Myla back in 2000 she decided 5 years ago to found Charlotte & Co. And since she sent me such a beautiful pair of cotton flannel pyjamas to cheer me up and warm my cockles how could I not thank her by sharing her with all you lovely people?

Charlotte explained to me:

The Charlotte & Co. brand is about making beautiful clothes that you feel at home in.  When I left Myla I moved to the Cotswolds with my husband and young twins and a change of wardrobe was required!  So I started the label with luxe but comfortable nightwear but over the last few years the range has grown to encompass the fashion, coats, boots and even bedding. Put simply – I make things that I really like and clothes that I want to wear.  That means simple styles in luxurious natural fibers from cashmere and cotton to silk and sheepskin.

I’m absolutely delighted with my new PJs – I’m much warmer at night now and love the comfortable fit and cute butterfly print. They are £39 each, though with the code LUXE25 you can get 25% off. There is also 3 for 2 on a range of Christmas gifts so now’s a great time to check out the brand!

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ATP at Maiden

Contrary to *all* other people my age, I’m not a fan of festivals. Except, perhaps ATP – All Tomorrow’s Parties – which I would quite like to go to. ATP is a cult festival, each time curated by an artist/band, taking place at venues like Pontin’s. It’s supposedly more intimate, more fan-friendly and less corporate than some other festivals which I won’t mention..

In any case, forget the festival (curated by Mogwai, Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel, etc.), from tomorrow until Saturday ATP are hosting a pop-up shop at kooky Shoreditch boutique Maiden.

Open from 11am-7.30pm on Thursday 17th and Friday 18th November, and from 11am-6.30pm on Saturday 19th November. All sales must be made with cash (there is a cash point nearby).

You can get your hands on:

  • Tickets for Upcoming ATP shows without booking fee – These will include our Battles, Gang Gang Dance, Magic Band, Superchunk, Panda Bear, Thurston Moore, Mister Heavenly, Wolf People, Explosions In The Sky and Olivia Tremor Control London shows & I’ll Be Your Mirror London 2012.
  • CD & Vinyl – Albums & Singles by Sleepy Sun, Fuck Buttons, Deerhoof, Autolux, Magic Band, Alex Tucker & more. We’ll be selling our Spiritualized Pill Box Sets – 12 CD box sets featuring the ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ album + Loads of extras and our Custom Made 2×7″‘s.
  • ATP DVD – The feature length ATP Film on PAL DVD.
  • Tote Bags – From the Animal Collective & IBYM UK Curated by Portishead events.
  • T-shirts & Hoodies – At least one design for nearly every each festival we’ve run, featuring designs by Michael Motorcycle, Tim Biskup, Tara McPherson, Kii Arens, James King, Pete Fowler, Matt Groening and more + Baby Grows – The last stock of our special ATP baby grows.
  • Posters – Various prints ranging from screen print through to Giclee quality. Designers include: Amos, Michael Motorcycle, Kii Arens, Tim Biskup, Matt Groening, Tara McPherson, Kathie Olivas, Will Schaff.
  • Previous ATP Programmes – A variety of previous ATP programmes will be sold at a low price, these are all unique and commemorative of each festival. This will be the first time they’ve been available after the events. Designers for this include: James King, Kii Arens, Tim Biskup, Tara McPherson, Will Scheff, Michael Motorcycle, Matt Groening.
  • Dolbees – Our limited edition vinyl toys that we released at each festival over a period, the initial toy design was by MAD and further designers were invited to put their own artwork on subsequent ones. These designers include:  Kathie Olivas, Michael Motorcycle, Kii Arens, Sket-One, Melvins, Brandt Peters, Pete Fowler, Tara McPherson, Eric White and Tim Biskup.


This is why I love Stylist magazine..

..they enable me to ask women I admire inane questions like this:

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