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Jewellery – Jane Gowans

Jane Gowans makes the kind of jewellery that doesn’t shout, but subtly seduces with its feminine architecture. I spoke to the Scottish-based emerging jeweller about her works.

Your Hands collection is really funny – how did you develop this collection?

This was my degree show work which was created in 2009. I was hugely inspired by European art jewellery and was keen to experiment with non-precious materials.

The concept developed from my fascination of people. I had observed that on the tube in London people would stand so close to one another that they would be touching and yet would never offer any verbal communication. I suppose these pieces highlight these contradictory behaviour and highlight the emotional aspects of touch, both positive and negative.

The Matchsticks collection is completely different to Hands – the pieces are delicate and often graphic – how did you get from Hands to Matchsticks?

These pieces were developed as part of a residency in 2010. I began again with non-precious materials including wood and enamel paint to create sculptural objects. These developed naturally into wearable precious metal accessories which I refined to create my current range.

What are your 2011 limited edition rings made of?

They are made from silver. Some are gold plated or oxidised and have  aselection of semi-precious stones including peridots, amethysts, citrines and topaz.

What made you decide to produce prints alongside the limited edition collection?

The prints are of my hand drawn designs. These originally inspired the collection. I am always keen to cross disciplines and utilise other skills that I have developed as a creative person.

They seem quite tower-like – what inspired you to pile the gem stone high like that?

I was inspired by my drawings – I wasn’t sure if it was possible but the unsual setting acted like stilts and meant I could position the stones of the rocky surface of the Bessie ring.

What’s next for you?

I am excited to release my new collection in February 2012 which will offer more precious metal luxury. With inspiration taken from unusual geology and the mystery of rock pools expect more stones and a collection of minimal but striking must-have pieces.

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Suzie Bird, b 1990 France

Working 9-5

Even feeling on the whole like a small fish in the big sea that is London, there are always moments when I feel that this is my city; I understand my style and I understand its style. But when I think of NYC, a place so fantastically foreign and out of reach to me that the doorway to it in my consciousness may well be topped off by a neon sign glowing ‘The American Dream’, it’s tiny kipper all the way. On top of that, New York girls are renowned for their slick togetherness, while I am bohemian in my mind, scruffy in reality.

So the chance to see what someone who works in the same building as Anna Wintour wears to work each day is one of those brilliant sadistic opportunities that makes me swear I’m going to stop biting my nails, drop a dress size and invest in more of the designers I love.

Yeah right.

Coo over Vogue USA’s Preetma Singh’s working wardrobe here

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Tick Tock


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Make it as a model

If you’re looking for a way into modelling you could do a lot worse than a competition. And if you want to make it in New York then working with an emerging brand is a good bet. Interested?

London-based D1 models and hip NYC brand SGC have teamed up to launch a Twitter comp to find the next face of their Spring video. All you’ve got to do is send them a snap via Twitter – see below for all the deets..

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Todd Rundgren

The piano, the lights, his ensemble, his hair.. LOVE

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An education

BBC The Look Episode 1/6 Runway

BBC The Look – Material World

BBC The Look – Episode 3/6 Power of the Press

BBC The Look – Episode 4/6 – Uniform and Function

BBC The Look – Scenting the Money

BBC The look episode 6/6 Yves Saint Laurent

I’m currently enjoying an education in the the pre-digital fashion industry with this BBC4 series The Look. It feels like a whole other world, never mind another era.

Thanks to Michelle Bobb-Parris for leading me down the rabbit hole by posting episode 1 and a big thanks to Pssst for posting them to Vimeo in the first place.

Camille Bidault Waddington, Stylist

Packing Heat

Once I have the body of a goddess (aka Liberty Ross) courtesy of Dean Callis I will allow myself to dream of owning this collection.

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Swift & Cliff Cape

I’m not normally a cape kind of girl but if the Broken Hearts girls are going there then I’m intrigued.. Designed in collaboration with knitwear label Electronic Sheep, the limited edition Swift & Cliff Cape is too cute to handle.

Available online at

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