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Instagram in Berlin

I’ve just gotten back from my five days in Berlin.  The city hasn’t changed much since I lived there two years ago.  I would still wholeheartedly recommend Tucholskystraße for galleries – the Pool Gallery in particular where the Mercedes Helnwein exhibition Temptation to Be Good is showing until 4th June – and for eats head to La Foccacia on the corner of Fehrbelliner Str. and Veteranstr. for a €3,90 lasagne and foccacia bread treat.

This time round I discovered the joy of Instagram – below are a few shots that I took using the iPhone app.  Everything looks so much more ‘professional’ and ‘cool’.  I’m officially obsessed.


CHANEL DANCING for from quentinjones on Vimeo.

When I think of Chanel’s evolution from Coco’s time to modern day it amazes me how clearly the brand has maintained its aesthetic and yet modernised. This video, by Quentin Jones exclusively for completely encapsulates this for me.

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Happiness is….


Posted: May 16th, 2011
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Make Some Noise


Love this.

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This completely sums up what I’m going to be up to tomozza after a mammoth week (Monday normal work, Tues – 12 hour day, Weds-Sat standing up all day at work on concrete floor – ouch)

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blog alert!

New blog I love from a lady whose life I crave: The Style Traveller by ELLE’s Bonnie Rakhit.


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Go ahead. Snoop around!


I bloody love Joseph Gordon-Levitt. And Natalie Portman.
This looks incredible.

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