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Ekaterina Kukhareva & J Maskrey

I attended the BLOW press day yesterday – there are some great brands over there right now.

My fave has got to be Ekaterina Kukhareva, whose AW11 collection is based around the concept of a Russian Tsarina.  I love that she uses knitwear and tassels.  It’s all deliciously dark and very ornate but in a new wintry way – due to the prevalence of knitwear and crochet.

Another favourite has got to be J Maskrey for the kitsch use of skulls..

It’s decidedly glam rock, but modernised (which, let’s face it, is bound to get my attention seeing as I’m a bit of a rocker at heart).

And look! –

I am in love with these J Maskrey keyrings, which BLOW were giving away in goodie bags to attendees.

They’re sitting rather happily alongside my hedgehog and dog.

My Muji dog keyring is called Isambard after Isambard Kingdom Brunel.  Just in case you were interested…

Eagle Legs

I was listening to BBC6 music a week or so ago and I heard the usual Good day/Bad day slot with this lovely girl who said she was launching her club night at the Macbeth.  Just thought I’d give y’all a heads up – it’s *tonight*.

When her heard her music history (mention Sleater Kinney and my ears prick up) I thought hmm this could be interesting..

Indie – soul – and riot grrrl. Sounds like the soundtrack to success.

There’s going to be a cake drop from The Great Cake Escape, a mixtape exchange by Charlot Webster (bring your cassettes to swap) and zines (which reminds me of the good old days when I made GASH, a photocopied zine of poetry, reviews, photography, fashion and illustration.  Good times.)

They’ve got some fab DJ-spinners involved….

DANCE MAGIC DANCE whose nights at The Old Blue Last I’ve been meaning to go to for about a year now..

OFF MODERN – same story, especially as there’s some tenuous connection between them and a BFF of mine.

Jorge from the band COLOURS – I’m listening to their myspace (!) page right now. It’s reminding me of Radiohead circa Pablo Honey, which I like. A lot.

WANDA WHISKEY – a riot grrrl mate of the organisers with, let’s face it, a brill name.

plus of course resident EAGLE LEGS DJs.

It’s 7.30pm till late

The Macbeth
70 Hoxton Street
N1 6LP

See you there..

Iekeliene Stange, b 1984 The Netherlands



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I’m currently researching the literary and filmic genre from Italy ‘Giallo‘.  Literally meaning ‘yellow’ (so-called due to the yellow paperback murder mystery novels which started the genre) its roots are in the mid-60’s onwards – ‘from 1980 onward there was a very fine line between gialli and slasher films, some might argue no line at all’.  Characterised by ‘thrills, chills and lots of cleavage’ and ‘bloody slayings’, these gory psycho thrillers will provide the starting-point for a project I am about to embark on with an online magazine that I’ve been admiring since its beginnings a few months ago.

Here, some visual inspiration from two of the genre’s best-known/-loved directors…

Sergio Martino

Torso (1973)

Your Vice is a Closed Room and Only I Have the Key (1972)

‘YOUR VICE IS A CLOSED ROOM AND ONLY I HAVE THE KEY is rife with essential 70s cinema elements: substance abuse, gratuitous sex, infidelity, incest, hippie love communes, dirtbike racing… and homicidal murder, Italian-style.’

Edwige Fenech in All The Colours of The Dark (1972) in which she plays ‘a woman who falls in with a Satanic cult while suffering from delusions related to a recent trauma in her life.’

I love this shot, like a shattered mirror..

All the Colours of the Dark (1972)

Mario Bava

Mario Bava’s ‘cult 60’s thriller’ Blood and Black Lace (1964)

(I love the design of this poster!)

The Girl Who Knew Too Much (1963)

The Girl Who Knew Too Much augments Hitchcockian suspense with a sly satire of murder-mystery conventions, brilliant photography and a campy, light-hearted love story.’

(Another fabulous poster! – Plus check out the fabulous blog I found it at: HERE – there’s plenty of gorgeous typography and poster artwork)

If you’re interested to get watching I recommend The Celluloid Highway’s ‘Giallo timeline’ – a chronological ‘what to watch': HERE which I’m certain I’ll be working through in the near future.  In the meantime dip a toe in with the original trailor for Bavo’s The Girl Who Knew Too Much:

Last Night at Camden Underworld

A few weeks back I humoured my boyfriend N. by agreeing to go to a Goldie Lookin Chain gig.

Last night was the gig.

I didn’t really know what to expect I suppose. I’ve heard quite a few of their tracks as N. plays them every now and then and when they’re making such catchy tunes like ‘Your Mama’s Got a Penis’ they kind of stick in your head.  But I wasn’t prepared for the sheer stage presence – we counted 10 band members all bouncing around in novelty t-shirts and chains.  The audience was a bizarre mix of chavvy types, a woman celebrating her 30th birthday with a rubber penis on her head and leather-jacketed men.  It was really quite a hilarious night.

The support group were AMAZING live. I’ve scoured Youtube looking for a video to do them justice – this one comes close.  Say hello to the Astroid Boys.

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This is what the Internet was invented for

Two new websites are providing me with plenty’o chuckles of late.

Choose a random thing or find mundane quotidian things like loo roll, milk and a screwdriver – in Shoreditch.  The photography and design is what makes this website.  Cult status already confirmed.

Started by Romain and Lolita, friends of girls about town Margot Bowman and Bip Ling, this website/project has the same kind of so-mundane-it’s-hot draw that Normal in Shoreditch has.  Just add a dash of collaboration, a shot of self-portraiture and a hint of competitive energy to see who can come up with the most original image..

My faves include the Percy Pig, the bum/rollercoaster and the eyes drawn onto the finger.

(As per usual, click the images to go to the websites.)

Mulholland Dr.

My entertainment for the evening…


The colours in this scene are so SS11 – bright and fun and the dresses remind me of Miu Miu!

I love Coco.

That is one puzzling blue haired lady.

If you’re looking for a good read about the movie go HERE

If – like Lynch – you don’t want people analysing and speculating, watch these:

MEN – part 2

Welcome to my favourite London Fashion Week menswear shows (23.02.11)







Now to start convincing my boyf he can play dress up in some of these styles

And then I can borrow every piece…

R.E.M. x Sam Taylor-Wood x Redchurch Street

I just discovered this video for R.E.M.’s song ‘Uberlin’ by Sam Taylor-Wood on my friend’s superb blog entitled Überlin.  It’s so funny seeing my neighbourhood in a music video.  In fact, that is the exact road I walk down from Liverpool Street/Shoreditch High Street to get home.

Go check out James and Zoe’s blog to discover what their lives are like in *beautiful* Berlin.

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